Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lazy Warm Days

The sheep's first day of grazing down the fast growing lawn around our house. Midday they took a siesta under the lilacs and plum thicket. Ah, to be a sheep.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gorgeous Wool....

Ahhh! Such gorgeous wool! I look forward to skirting all year, and although it took about 30-45 minutes for each fleece (times that by 24!) it was well worth being able to touch and intimately pick through each fleece. Now I have to wait a whole another year to do it again!

The chocolate sheep, Bastian, Uma, Ugo and Willa have been sent to be blended and spun at Heavenly Fibers Mill. I have decided to add something special to this yarn.... Alpaca! I had a few very nice fleeces from a local alpaca breeder which were dark brown, they will be super nice with these fleeces!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wendell Berry

When reading this poem I can remember vividly coming home not long ago to our first time mamma ewe Betsy and seeing her out in the middle of the field with twins. Berry's words just fills me with peace.

They are fighting again the war to end war,
And the ewe flock, bred in October, brings forth
in March. This so far remains, this pain
and renewal, whatever war is being fought.
We go through the annual passage of birth
and death, triumph and heartbreak, love
and exasperation, mud, milk, mucus, and blood.
Yet once more the young ewe stands with her lambs
in the dawnlight, the lambs well-suckled
and dry. There is no happiness like this.

The window again welcomes in the light
of lengthening days. The river in its old groove
passes again beneath opening leaves.
In their brevity, between cold and shade,
flowers again brighten the woods floor.

This then may be the prayer without ceasing,
this beauty and gratitude, this moment.

Wendell Berry: III
-from Given: Poems, Shoemaker & Hoard Publishers, 2005