Saturday, May 29, 2010

No lambs yet!

An breezy evening is a perfect time to bring the damp yarns out to dry on the clothes line! Once the sun has set behind the trees, this makes for beautiful dancing colors out on the lawn!

No lambs yet. How could we be so off? These ewes are so ready to be done being pregnant. They waddle around (much like I did...) and groan when they need to get up. But the evenings are nice and cool and perfect for grazing in the tall cool grass. Life is good for the sheep these days. At this point last year they were miserable since we were still waiting for the shearer to call!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Farm cookout/ festival

Anna really wants you all to come baaaa-dly :)

Mark your calendars, we're planning our first annual farm cookout for August 15 (Sunday)!

In other CSA news - Our gorgeous chocolate wool/alpaca blend is back from the mill and we will have our first shipments ready soon! Exciting!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our little clown

He is a strange looking little lamb, born at an awkward time, too late to be from the early crop of lambs and too early from the late crop! His speckled appearance makes him especially special to me!

Yesterday I think I might have cracked the code... I came home to a baaing mama and lamb, it was indeed Cathy/#24 and her clownish lamb in with the 2 rams. I think she might have a secret entrance to the rams pen for secret dates. I suppose October won't be a terrible time for one more lamb. What a surprise that would have been if I hadn't found her! Now we will expect a possibility.