Friday, January 28, 2011


I must introduce Britta. She is a Great Pyrenees that we got as a guard dog for the sheep. Of course with our luck she was terrified of the sheep as a pup and although will now come to the pasture and wait patiently for us (outside the pasture) she does not do much guarding per say for the woolly beasts. She does however guard the farm overall and is possibly the best dog in the world with young children. Although she loves coming inside and laying with her head almost wedged underneath the wood stove, she is also quite happy outside and especially on a high perch, like our large round bales or this massive iceberg-like mound of snow in our front yard.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ahh January

Greetings! A new year! The last few mornings have been so beautiful with thick hoar frost on all the trees, and even the sheep! Those silly sheep LOVE this time of year, they have thick woolly coats, which must make laying in the snow quite enjoyable since they are cushioned AND insulated! The girls in the above picture are a couple of our merino's Magnolia and Betsy. I have been put on the list at the local fiber mill already, even though the sheep haven't been sheared! Fiber mills get very busy in the spring with all the shearing going on and most are already behind unfortunately. I'm hoping by being on the list now our fiber will be processed around late May for a mid-June, early July ship date.

For now the farm is quite and the sheep are lazy. But come March life will be quite busy around here with lambs coming in early March and shearing in late March... not to mention a new baby due mid-March in the big ol' farm house as well!