Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shearing Day!

*sadly I hit the wrong button on my camera and deleted the shearing pictures from this year, I am devastated! But this is a nice one from last years shearing.

Shearing day went off without a hitch, thankfully, since David arrived to our place about an hour earlier than we expected, and we had just woken up! It was unfortunately a bitterly cold day with wind and drizzling rain. The fleeces are gorgeous though and seem to be bigger than previous years! Fritz our full blooded Merino wether's fleece weighed in at 15lbs pre-skirting. Skirting is the process of painstakingly picking through the raw fleece to take out the hay chaff, sticks and random bugs that became entangled in the fleece.

Easter Sunday looks like it will be finally a nice day for skirting! I am psyched to get out to the garage and get my hands in some greasy fleeces! So far I have 5 out out of 26 fleeces skirted, and I must say, although on the smaller side the Blue Faced Leicester crosses from last year have beautiful long crimpy fleeces!

On a different note - we are proud to announce the arrival of our second daughter Mae Louise, who was born at home on April 5th. She was a day shy of being 3 weeks overdue, but finally made up her mind to enter the world! So far she is quite the trooper and endured a morning of loud shearing without trouble!


  1. Yay Shearing Day!

    Congrats on the new baby for you as well. =D

  2. Congratulations on a new baby!! I miss you! (Abigail)