Monday, March 21, 2011

The two ladies yet to go...

Here is Bernice and Llama. We are still waiting on them to lamb. Llama always has just one lamb, but we'll see this year. Bernice had triplets last year, sadly only one survived due to a traumatic labor. We are assuming she will have at least 2 lambs this year and all should go just fine! :)

Willa's Lambs

One of our favorite ewes, Willa, had her debut of lambs over the weekend! Although her first lambing, she had twins! Both black and both girls! Willa was always very friendly as a lamb, and although has lost some of her friendliness towards us, she made it quite clear that she was not afraid of us and didn't like us handling her lambs (we try not to handle them too much, at least in the first day or so, but we do dip their umbilical cords in iodine and make sure they aren't to long as an infection prevention!)

As you can see the other lambs are getting quite fat and lively! They will be so excited once the weather brightens up and they can go outside!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goodbye to Esau

Our dear Border Leicester ram Esau has made his way to a new home. We have many of his offspring and they have all been our favorites, large, good-natured and this year... mostly black! We will miss him greatly, but he has gone to a wonderful new home and it is time for a new boy! We are now on the look out for another perfect Border Leicester ram!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More new lambs!

We now have 9 healthy lambs born this year - 3 more ewes to go. We finally got a white lamb (and a ewe lamb too!) So far 2011 has been a success!

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Lambs!

As I knew this would happen, the one day we had company staying with us is the morning we found the first lambs! Five in total on Tuesday morning, a set of triplets and a set of twins! All are black so far, including the 2 that were born last night around 8pm, my husband was lucky enough to witness one of these births. We have 5 little ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs. All mama's have been perfect, which is quite lucky since the ewe who lambed last night is a brand new mom with twins were first time! We have had one little ram lamb who will need to be bottle fed, for some reason he was uninterested in nursing from his mom. Ugh. So Stella and I spent a day with him in the yarn shop, and he is at a homeschooling day with my mom and a few other families today and will be taken home by a wonderful family who will have much more time than I in the next month or two to feed and take care of him. They also have a couple sheep and he will fit in perfect! We hope this is the only problem lamb this year! Although normally I don't mind an adventure or two during lambing season, with my own due date getting ever closer I'm crossing my fingers to keep it easy this year!

Maybe tonight we will have more! I will keep you updated!